Secure Held Print Jobs

Secure Held Print Jobs

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Part Number 82S0375

Hard Disk Required

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Prevent the accidental exposure of sensitive or confidential business information by holding jobs at the device until an authorized user releases the job for printing.


Keep confidential documents secure

Secure Held Print Jobs uses a 4-digit PIN or ID card to prevent unauthorized access to documents, keeping them safe and secure. This helps stop sensitive company information from being left in an output tray or picked up and viewed by an unauthorized person.

Release print jobs any time

Simply send and store jobs on the printer and release them at your convenience—there’s no need to interrupt what you’re doing to pick up a document. You can also review a document before printing multiple copies. Make sure jobs are deleted after the documents are printed. And set up the job to print as many copies as you need. You can even have the job expire at intervals ranging from one hour to one week.

Reduce your output costs

By decreasing the number of unclaimed documents left in your company’s output trays, you can achieve significant cost savings.