Scan to RightFax

Scan to RightFax

Regular price $399

Part Number 82S0082

Hard Disk Required

Trial Available Yes


Capture an image of a printed document, preview the entire document, remove image defects, add or remove pages, route the optimized image to a predefined personal or public shared network folder and send a notification after storing the image file.


Optimize image quality

Use automated preview and cleanup tools to remove speckles or defects; adjust contrast, darkness and skew; crop and save a specific area of a page; and rotate pages as needed.

Split multi-page scan jobs effortlessly

The Lexmark MFP recognizes where to split copies of multi-page scan jobs. Whether the user defines the number of pages or a bar code is used, the device can quickly determine when to begin each new copy batch.

Manage pages efficiently

Delete pages from the image file or insert new pages by scanning additional documents. In addition, use the blank page removal feature to automatically remove blank pages and reduce file sizes.

Simplify indexing

Index your files manually using on-screen prompts, extracting data embedded in bar codes, or a combination of both.