Photoconductor Kit

Photoconductor Kit

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Make a Professional Impression

Save Time, Money and the Environment with Genuine Lexmark Supplies

Part # : E260X22G

Take a giant leap in longevity. Standout performance and maximum yield for a true investment in efficiency – and your professional future.


Outstanding results page after page, year after year. Superior Lexmark design means precision pairing between printer and cartridge for value, quality and environmental responsibility you can count on.

Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program

Going green has never been easier. Recycle all your used Lexmark supplies by letting us take care of the details. It’s simple, smart and always free.

Works in:

Lexmark X466de

Lexmark X464de

Lexmark X466dte

Lexmark X466dwe

Lexmark X463de

Lexmark X364dn

Lexmark X363dn

Lexmark X364dw

Lexmark X264dn

Lexmark X363dn Gov LV

Lexmark X363dn Gov HV

Lexmark X364dn Gov LV

Lexmark X364dn Gov HV

Lexmark X364dw Gov HV

Lexmark X463de Gov HV

Lexmark X463de Gov LV

Lexmark X464de Gov HV

Lexmark X464de Gov LV

Lexmark X466de Gov HV

Lexmark X466de Gov LV

Lexmark X466dte Gov HV

Lexmark X466dte Gov LV

Lexmark X466dwe Gov HV

Lexmark X466dwe Gov LV

Lexmark XS463de

Lexmark X463de Gov HV CAC

Lexmark X463de Gov LV CAC

Lexmark X464de Gov HV CAC

Lexmark X464de Gov LV CAC

Lexmark X466de Gov HV CAC

Lexmark X466de Gov LV CAC

Lexmark X466de LDS

Lexmark X363dn UNDP 220-240V

Lexmark X363dn UNDP 110-120V

Lexmark X264dn with 3-Years Onsite Service

Lexmark X264dn UNDP LV

Lexmark X364dn UNDP LV

Lexmark X364dn UNDP HV

Lexmark X364dw UNDP LV

Lexmark X364dw UNDP HV

Lexmark X463de UNPD LV

Lexmark X463de UNPD HV

Lexmark X464de UNDP LV

Lexmark X464de UNDP HV

Lexmark X466de UNDP LV

Lexmark X466de UNDP HV

Lexmark X466dte UNDP LV

Lexmark X466dte UNDP HV

Lexmark X466dwe UNDP LV

Lexmark X466dwe UNDP LV

Lexmark X463de Gov LV CLIN 401

Lexmark X466dte LV CAC FAA

Lexmark X364dn Kaiser

Lexmark E460dn

Lexmark E460dw

Lexmark E360dn

Lexmark E360d

Lexmark E260dn

Lexmark E260d

Lexmark E260d Gov LV

Lexmark E260dn Gov LV

Lexmark E360d Gov LV

Lexmark E360dn Gov LV

Lexmark E460dn Gov LV

Lexmark E460dtn Gov LV

Lexmark E360dt Gov LV

Lexmark E360dtn Gov LV

Lexmark E260dt Gov LV

Lexmark E260dtn Gov LV

Lexmark E460dtw Gov LV

Lexmark E260d Gov HV

Lexmark E260dt Gov HV

Lexmark E260dn Gov HV

Lexmark E260dtn Gov HV

Lexmark E360d Gov HV

Lexmark E360dt Gov HV

Lexmark E360dn Gov HV

Lexmark E360dtn Gov HV

Lexmark E460dn Gov HV

Lexmark E460dtn Gov HV

Lexmark E460dtw Gov HV

Lexmark E360d with 3-year Onsite Warranty

Lexmark E360dn with 3-year Onsite Warranty

Lexmark ES460dn

Lexmark E462dtn

Lexmark EG460dn

Lexmark E462dtn Gov LV

Lexmark E462dtn Gov HV

Lexmark E460dn Gov HV CLIN 304

Lexmark E462dtn Gov LV CLIN 303

Lexmark E460dn LDS

Lexmark E260d UNDP 220-240V

Lexmark E260d UNDP 110-120V

Lexmark E360dn UNDP 220-240V

Lexmark E360dn UNDP 110-120V

Lexmark E260dn (Includes 3 year Extended Warranty)

Lexmark E360dn (Includes 3 year Extended Warranty)

Lexmark E460dn with 3-Years Onsite Service

Lexmark E260dn UNDP LV

Lexmark E260dn UNDP HV

Lexmark E460dn UNDP LV

Lexmark E460dn UNDP HV

Lexmark E460dn Gov LV CLIN 301

Lexmark E260dn Gov LV FAA

Lexmark E360dn Kaiser

Lexmark E460dn Kaiser

Photoconductor Kit