Multi Send

Multi Send

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Hard Disk Required

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Capture and route a document to multiple destinations simultaneously. Documents are routed to email, network folders, FTP sites or to a remote Lexmark printer.


Capture and routing

The app scans a hardcopy document, creates a digital image and routes the image to one or more destinations. Possible destinations include the printer, remote printer, FTP site, shared network folder, email address or fax. These destinations can be selected individually or in any combination.

Automatic archiving

Some business functions require an archived copy of each fax or printed document. Multi Send simplifies document archival by automatically sending a digital image of the hardcopy document to a shared folder or FTP site for each fax or copy operation performed.


Profiles allow the administrator to predefine a set of destinations. Users simply choose the profile required for their task.


Multi Send can be configured to notify the user of successful delivery to the selected destinations. Confirmations can be displayed on the touch screen, printed, and/or emailed to a predefined address.