Manage Address Book

Manage Address Book

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Allow the administrator to import and export email and fax shortcuts from CSV files, making it easy to keep contact data up-to-date.


Import and export shortcuts in a snap

It's easy to import internal accounts, email and fax shortcuts to your shared MFPs. Just press the “Import” button and it’s done in next to no time. You can export fax and email shortcuts easily, too. Push the “Export” button and a CSV file is created that is then copied to another MFP.

Increase accuracy

When your organization no longer has to manually enter data—which can result in numerous errors—you’ll experience greater accuracy in importing or exporting shortcuts on your shared MFPs, leading to increased productivity.

Improve efficiency

This application helps work to flow more efficiently throughout your organization by making it easy to get a new MFP online. Simply upload a CSV file with new records or updates to the existing entries. Users can then send faxes or emails by pressing the # key and the 3-digit shortcut. In addition, the internal accounts can be used to control access to your devices.