Hosted Testing and Grading

Hosted Testing and Grading

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Part Number 82S0104

Hard Disk Required

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Software for educators to print test materials on plain paper prefilled with class roster data, then scan the completed tests to grade them automatically. Minimum 24 month term required.


Print tests

Select Print Tests on the touch screen and choose a test template. Follow the prompts to automatically personalize the test sheets according to your class roster.* The test forms will then print. The first sheet printed is the answer key.

Grade tests

Place the completed test forms, with the answer key on top, in the automatic document feeder and select Grade Tests on the touch screen. Follow the prompts to select reports and delivery preferences, such as print or e-mail.

Summary reports

Prompt reporting capabilities help you respond to individual learning gaps or class comprehension issues. The solution provides eight different reports** that can be e-mailed, saved to a shared network folder or printed.