Fax over IP

Fax over IP

Regular price $299

Part Number 82S0397
Hard Disk Not required

Trial Available Yes


Eliminate the need for a separate analog fax line or fax card/modem. Instead faxes are sent directly from the Lexmark smart MFP through the IP network.


Improve productivity

By using the Fax Over IP application, you won’t spend nearly as much time trying to resolve fax issues, so you’ll have more time to make sure work flows through your business more efficiently.

Reduce costs

With Fax Over IP, your company won’t need to pay for a separate, fax-only analog phone line or a fax card/modem. Plus, because it uses an IP address, you can see substantial cost savings on your long distance charges.

Enjoy increased reliability

Experience greater peace of mind by receiving real-time fax confirmations right after a fax job is completed instead of waiting for feedback from e-mail-based fax services, not knowing whether or not your fax went through.

Simplify the process.

Compared to setting up and using an analog telephone adapter, and all the equipment and wiring that goes with it, Fax Over IP is significantly easier to set up and use.