Eco Copy

Eco Copy

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Part Number 82S0229

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Control paper and toner costs with three eco-smart copy settings: darkness control, automatic duplex and paper saver, which copies pages multi-up onto one piece of paper.


Spend less on toner

Produce high-quality documents when you need them while cutting your printing costs when you don’t. You can control toner consumption by adjusting the darkness of each document, enabling you to use less toner for rough drafts or internal documents.

Use up to 50% less paper

Eco-Copy makes it easy to reduce your paper consumption with 2-sided printing. This feature lets you turn a single-sided, 2-page document into a 1-page, 2-sided document.

Get more from every page you print.

With Lexmark’s “multi-up” feature, you can copy as many as four pages on a single page, significantly reducing your output costs.