Downtime Reports

Downtime Reports

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Part Number 82S0194

Hard Disk Required

Trial Available Yes


24/7 access to critical documents, even if the network goes down. Documents are streamed to the device throughout the day and stored on the secure hard disk.


Accessibility 24/7

Accessing reports during downtime requires only that the printer or MFP can be powered on.


Document categories can be custom-tailored to the specific needs of the environment.


Uploads and overwrites documents throughout the day at the intervals you specify. Deletes expired documents automatically.


Forms and reports are stored on encrypted hard disk. Documents cannot be erased if the device is powered down. Supports a variety of user authentication methods, including card-swipe access.

Auto-Indexing Option

Store blank forms, or optionally choose to merge them with bar codes for fast and accurate processing after the downtime event ends.