Device Quotas

Device Quotas

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Part Number 82S0139

Hard Disk Required

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Allow the administrator to configure user level quotas for print, scan, copy and outbound fax on a specific Lexmark device.


Customize how you track usage

Lexmark Device Quotas lets you quickly select the type of usage your network administrator tracks. It proactively informs employees about their usage and when they approach their quotas. Plus, it can enforce these quotas when users and departments are near, at or have exceeded their quota limit.

Control end-user management and reporting

Easily create and edit user access rights from your workstation or directly on the MFP’s e-Task touch screen. This application’s enhanced reporting features include collecting data by distinct time period, in a CSV file or a PDF report. You can also set up a convenient schedule for emailing reports.

Access usage reports quickly and easily

Cut the amount of time you spend creating and accessing reports. Simply give users a PIN or password to access protected and tracked functions that can ultimately help you more effectively control your company’s output.