Card Authentication

Card Authentication

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Keep devices and documents secure by requiring user authentication by ID card or security badge. Secure and compatible with Active Directory and other directory server platforms.


Standalone architecture

MFP-based application and registry can provide card registration for up to 25 MFPs and 750 users without a separate server. Once registered, an access card ID becomes associated with a user and can be used to gain access to any applicable feature on any device in the group; no need to register at every device.

Common card reader support

Use widely available USB-based proximity / keyboard emulator access card readers.

Multi-authority access card registration support

When registering an access card, users can be authenticated via Active Directory (LDAP) or internal accounts on the device.

Support for secondary challenge

To prevent access by someone using another user’s access card, Card Authentication can optionally prompt user for a PIN or password that is authenticated against a secondary mechanism such as Active Directory or internal accounts.