Address Book

Address Book

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Hard Disk Not required

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Manage the device’s internally stored user data, contacts and scan destinations (if supporting applications are installed) from the e-Task touch screen or the embedded web server.


Unified administrative architecture

Simplify configuration and management by adding and modifying user data via a single application and database.

Touch screen or browser accessibility

Users with appropriate permissions can create, edit, delete and view contacts, or assign them to a group, directly from the device’s touch screen or a standard desktop web browser. Browser access via the device’s embedded web server (EWS) not only makes text input easier, but enables the import and export of user data from other sources via the CSV file format.

Multiple permission levels

Users can edit their own data, such as favorite destinations, while administrators can edit all data.

“Add data field” function

Other apps on a Lexmark eSF/e-Task-equipped can dynamically request that new fields be added to the Address Book database, a capability which supports the development of diverse new apps.