AccuRead Automate 4K

AccuRead Automate 4K

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Part Number 82S0917A

Hard Disk Required

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Use the Lexmark smart MFP to capture, automatically classify and route documents while extracting key information for file naming and indexing.


Document classification

Identify and sort documents automatically without human intervention by placing them in the automatic document feeder (ADF) on the multifunction product (MFP).

Document routing

Send images of documents directly to shared folders on the network, designated uniquely for each automatically classified document type.


Communicate job status, required actions or important messages to users at the MFP or at their desk.

Data extraction

Locate and extract up to four individual fields of data on a page and include the data in an index file and/or the image file name.

Manual review

Verify extracted data at the MFP prior to routing the data to the destination.

Smart file names

Use extracted data from a document with a time stamp to create dynamic file names and indexing metadata for the scanned image.