Accessibility Solution

Accessibility Solution

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Users with disabilities can set up copy, fax, email, FTP and scan jobs directly from their workstation rather than requiring use of the Lexmark smart MFP touch screen.


Web-based alternative to MFP touch screens

The Lexmark Accessibility Solution allows employees to set up job commands, normally completed at the MFP, from a browser. Once set up, the task is assigned a job number. The employee completes the task by entering the assigned number at the MFP using the accessible number keypad.

Compatible with popular accessibility software and PDAs

The software is designed to work well with accessibility products such as GW Micro Window- Eyes; Freedom Scientific JAWS® and MAGic®, Ai Squared’s ZoomText; accessible PDA devices such as HIMS Voice Sense and Braille Sense; Apple iPhone and industry standard speech recognition software. Employees can leverage the power of these accessibility tools to access the functions of Lexmark MFPs.

Custom audio status messages

With more than 60 messages available, Lexmark Accessibility Speech allows administrators to create different prompts for employees with various levels of vision impairment. By pressing the* and 0 buttons on the keypad, an audio message related to the device status is played through the onboard speaker. This makes it easier for employees to independently resolve issues and reduces the need for verification from others about errors.