Scan to Email Fix

Over the years we have offered our outgoing email server (SMTP) as a courtesy for customers that don't have their own for scan to email purposes but due to some recent events we have found that to be untenable but we have found a free solution.


Step 1. Go to SMTP2go

Step 2. Click on the Try SMTP2GO Free button

Step 3. Type in your name, email and password (check mark the I am not a robot icon)

Step 4. You will receive an email. Click the link

Step 5. Click Finish

Step 6. Click. Setting in the left margin then Click. Users then Click. Add SMTP User

Step 7. Create your own username and password and make sure the use default box is check marked.

This is the information that you will put in the copier that will be unique to your company.

Step 8. The IP address of your printer is located in the top left corner of the touch screen

Type that number into the Internet URL.

Step 9. Click Settings. Click Email/FTP Click. SMTP Setup

Change only the Gateways and the Credentials.

Fill in the boxes with the following information

Primary SMTP:

SMTP Port: 2525

Secondary SMTP:

SMTP Port: 25

Scroll down to:

Device Credentials: Unique Username you created in SMTP2GO

Device Password: Unique Password you created in SMTP2GO

Click Submit